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August 14th, 2010

The IBM Agile Community has engaged in numerous brainstorming sessions, round tables and presentations to share their experiences. The following individuals have led sessions, researched, developed content on the Agile Community wiki, discussed methods with those outside of IBM, documented their experiences and in other ways contributed to development of the initial chapter drafts.

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Photo of Jan Acosta
Jan Acosta is a member of the Quality Software Engineering Staff and has been with IBM for ten years. She’s a Disciplined Agile Workshop facilitator and enjoys consulting with teams as they work to deploy Agile within their organizations. Jan leads IBM’s test driven development community.
Photo of CorvilleAllen Corville Allen is Software Engineer for the WebSphere Process Server product within IBM Software Group (SWG) Application and Integration Middleware (AIM).
Photo of Pushpa Baskaran Pushpa Baskaran is an Advisory software engineer and Technical Team Leader working in the Distributed Software Value chain group, in the BT/CIO organization. She has over 14 years of software development experience. She has J2EE/Java development, C, C++, SQL, shell programming and ANT scripting experience. Pushpa is experienced in the EAD4J framework and uses the framework to develop J2EE web applications. She has hands-on experience in SOA, web services and Web 2.0 development and uses the technologies to develop applications that support IBM programs. Pushpa and her team are using Agile development methodology’s for delivering quality software and web applications which support IBM SWG programs. She also has experience developing unit tests for DB2 and Java, using JUnit and TC4DBO which are included with the team’s automated build process.

Photo of Donald Bell Donald Bell is a Rational Solution Architect in Rational’s Global Services Account Team. He assists project teams in adopting effective software development practices and tools that balance both the client’s and IBM’s risks and value. He is also contributing to IBM Rational’s Measured Capability Improvement Framework (MCIF) assets so organizations can show through measures how their development processes are improving.
Photo of Diane Benze Diane Benze began her career as a proofreader before transitioning to graphic arts in newspapers and commercial print shops. After a five-year detour as an editor at a technical translation agency, she returned to the publishing industry. During a stint as head beta tester for a new publishing application, the software company providing the product decided that it would behoove them to have her on their side rather than on the customer side. She made the leap to software quality testing for companies providing news and advertising software. From there, it was a short hop to testing for telephony and telecommunications software companies. About eight years ago, she accepted a job as a software tester at IBM Tivoli, where she tested the NetView product. She is now testing IBM Tivoli Netcool Management software.
Photo of Bob Campbell Bob Campbell Bob Campbell is a development manager for IBM Cognos “Adaptive Applications Framework”—an applications development framework created by the Performance Analytics group within SWG Information Management. His development teams are distributed around the UK, Canada, and India, and they have been practicing distributed agile development for the past three to four years. Bob has been part of Scrum development teams in various roles, including team member, ScrumMaster, and product owner.
Photo of Michael Demeter Michael Demeter is a senior software engineer and team lead for UTM Appliances with IBM Global Technology Services (GTS). He also serves as a QSE Development Top Gun.
Photo of Saurabh Dua Saurabh Dua Saurabh Dua is a project manager in SWG, responsible for the delivery of IBM Smart Business Developers’ Toolkit enabling small to medium-sized customers to easily assemble and deploy applications onto Smart Business and Lotus Foundation appliances. He is a proponent for agile development and has been involved in a task force to transition all current processes to the Scrum iterative development agile model in his organization.
Photo of Leslie Ekas Leslie Ekas joined IBM through the FileNet acquisition. She left her development manager position in FileNet 2008 to become a coach in the Agile/Lean Center of Competence. As part of the SWG Strategy and Technology, IBM formed this group to help accelerate the adoption of Agile/Lean best practices throughout SWG. Leslie started practicing Scrum and applying Lean techniques to improve the effectiveness of her teams at the beginning of 2006. She promotes the culture of continuous improvement to invigorate innovation and keep IBM competitive.
Photo of Mike Eversole Mike Eversole is a Manager with IBM Software Group Application and Integration Middleware Software responsible for Install Strategy and Development.
Photo of Matt Ganis Matt Ganis. (See author page)
Photo of Gregg Gibson Gregg Gibson is a development manager responsible for embedded software development in IBM Systems and Technology Group (STG). He has been a developer and team leader on iterative development projects, and is an advocate for agile adoption within STG. He is a senior member of the Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE).
Justin Gordon Justin Gordon joined IBM through the Trigo acquisition in April 2004. Justin has contributed widely and deeply to this product, now known as InfoSphere Master Data Management (MDM) Server for PIM. In 2004, Justin led a rewrite of that product’s storage layer to be vastly scalable through a binary storage format that allows reading and writing large semi-structured. hierarchical documents, like XML, without any of the parsing costs of XML. During this intense development phase, Justin pioneered the use of test-driven development, JUnit, and other agile development techniques. Justin founded the open source project, the “Dependent Object Framework,” which vastly simplifies and accelerates JUnit testing with persistent dependencies. Justin has been passionately writing software for 22 years, focusing on Java for the past 10 years at several startups. Justin graduated in 1991 with an AB magna cum laude in applied mathematics from Harvard and received an MBA from UC Berkeley in 2001.
Brenda Hagler Brenda Hagler is the team lead for the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center Test Lab. Brenda has worked in various product development roles. Her background includes various products, such as AIX, IBM Tivoli Risk Manager, and IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Business Integration. She is a Test Top Gun for the IBM Research division. Her focus has been accessibility verification test (AVT) since she joined the HA&AC in 2004. She supports IBM development and test teams worldwide.
Photo of Jeff Hedglin Jeff Hedglin is the manager of Cryptographic Development in STG.
Greg Hendley

Greg Hendley is a Software Engineer for FIT-ITE infrastructure development with IBM Software Group, Strategy.

Photo of Jyoti Jalvi Jyoti Jalvi is a lead engineer in the IBM Informix Engineering Operations team. Jyoti is responsible for implementing several key enhancements to the Informix build process. In this role, she has been a change agent in moving traditional Informix builds to a Build Management System (BuildForge), successfully designed and implemented the build infrastructure, and led the effort of build migration. In line with the organizational strategy to use agile development, Jyoti collaborated with the development organization and implemented the Continuous Integration process that provides completely automated build, testing, and regression analysis. Jyoti has 10 years of software development experience. She provides guidance on build/testing best practices and consulting on migration to BuildForge to her team as well as other organizations under Integration Management.
Photo of Jim Jones James L Jones is the manager of QSE Enablement Services, under IBM Corporate Headquarters Office of Innovation and Technology. Jim is responsible for developing the consulting services and resources that will enable teams to improve their software development skills.
Photo of Alan June Alan June is an executive project manager in STG, responsible for leading the deployment of the industry-accepted practices of Lean/Agile into the z/OS software development processes. He works with ~1200 people on 60 teams working at 5 major sites and a number of local sites to use Lean/Agile development methods to deliver z/OS software. Alan has over 27 years with IBM. He acquired experience in Project and Program Management, Business Management (including First Line and Functional Management), Product Planning, Software Packaging, and Customer Service.
Photo of Liz Kamau Elizabeth Kamau is a member of the Software Quality Assurance team for Integrated Technology Delivery, Technology Integration & Management.
Photo of Bill Krebs Bill “AgileBill” Krebs is founder of Agile Dimensions LLC, trainer and consultant at Davisbase LLC, and is on the board of directors at Rockcliffe University Consortium. He teaches using face-to-face instruction methods and immersive web technology. Bill is a certified ScrumMaster and Practitioner, certified MBTI facilitator, and will receive his Certificate in Virtual Worlds this year in 2010. Bill worked as a developer, performance engineer, and consultant at five IBM Labs from 1983 to 2008. He has used and taught Agile software development methods such as Scrum and Lean since 2001 to over 1,000 engineers and managers worldwide. He has presented at Agile conferences and IBM Research, and served as the co-chair for the IBM Academy of Technology conference on Agile. Bill is a member of Agile RTP, Agile 3d, IEEE, ACM, Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, and PMI.
Photo of John Langlois John Langlois is an IBM-certified executive project manager chartered to deliver integrated solutions on the Power Systems platform. From 1996 through 2001, John led the most successful notebook project in history: ThinkPad T series. John’s website, www.projectEZ.com, is dedicated to helping project managers guide troubled projects through rough waters.
Photo of Mark Levison Mark Levison Mark Levison is a founding partner and consultant with The Agile Consortium, an Agile and Lean consulting company that focuses on helping its customers to deliver working software every two weeks. Mark has been an agile practitioner since 2001, introducing agile methods one practice at a time inside a small team. In the past three years, as an employee of Cognos and IBM, he’s been responsible for introducing Scrum to the organization and coaching a number of teams. He also publishes a blog—Notes from a Tool User.
Photo of Monica Luke Monica Luke is the test automation architect for System Verification Test for the Rational Jazz products including Rational Team Concert. Monica has 15 years experience doing test automation, the last six of those with IBM Rational.
Photo of Jean Louis Marechaux Jean-Louis Marechaux is a software engineer for Rational at IBM Canada Lab. His main areas of expertise are software architecture, design, model-driven development, and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) technologies. He has been applying agile principles with collocated and distributed teams for the past three to four years, both for consulting services and for internal IBM projects.
Photo of BerneMiller Berne Miller, PMP, has more than 25 years experience in project management. Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) in 1989, Berne has managed activities as large as a ten-year, billion-dollar-plus ship design and construction effort for the U.S. Coast Guard, and as small as a multi-week software modification effort for his current employer. In between, Berne has managed projects in communications, education management, electrical generation and distribution, financial management, natural resources extraction, facilities construction, and regional economic development. Other assignments have included heading the technical services division of a government systems acquisition organization, a stint as a corporate-level strategic planner, postings in executive ranks, and CEO of Southeast Conference (in Alaska). For the last eight years, Berne has served as program manager for the System Availability and Performance Management (SAPM) Project Development Team (PDT), where part of his role is to coach, advise, and mentor project managers for projects in the SAPM portfolio. Berne’s particular interest in the agile rollout within SAPM is definition and collection of executive-level project status metrics. In his spare time, Berne teaches modules in the Austin PMI Chapter PMP exam preparation course. He is also designated a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL).
Photo of Andy Pittaway Andy Pittaway has worked in Information Technology for 27 years, of which the past 11 years have been in various client-facing leadership roles with IBM Global Business Services. He is an executive project manager working currently on assignment in Italy. He is passionate about applying accelerated techniques and driving real business value from the effective and efficient use of these. He has set up and led development centers using Accelerated Solution Delivery (ASD). He has also led Speed to Market initiatives, which focus on the application of accelerators alongside the removal of blockages and implementation of techniques to ensure high levels of business orientation in technical teams. One of the areas that Andy has also been focused upon is the behavioral and cultural aspects that teams need to address in order to make accelerated techniques work.
Photo of Ivan Portilla Ivan Portilla is a certified consulting IT specialist with Business Consulting Services (BCS) at IBM. With almost 25 years of experience, Mr. Portilla is an industry thought leader, speaker, and coach in the areas of Agile Software Development, WebSphere Portal, and Web 2.0 technologies.
Photo of Hector Rosas Hector Rosas is a Systems Software Test Architect with STG.
Photo of Bob Sager Bob Sager is with IBM Software Group, Application and Integration Middleware Software. He is a development manager for WebSphere sMash and Project Zero.
Photo of Julio Sanchez Julio Sanchez is a SUN certified Java programmer. He has over eight years experience in device driver development for Point of Sale (POS) systems and device I/O. Julio is responsible for leading the JavaPOS product. That project used test-driven development to increase software quality by reducing the defect rate within the JavaPOS device driver software. Julio had gained experience by creating unit tests for Java using JUnit, ant, and Code Coverage tools. He is one of the promoters of the Agile and the eXtreme Programming software model within IBM Guadalajara, Mexico.
Photo of Peter Santhanam Peter Santhanam is the senior manager of the Software Engineering department in IBM Research. His current portfolio covers tools and methodology for the end-to-end software life cycle activities. His personal interests include holistic requirements capture, collaborative software development, automated test generation, software metrics, and process improvement. He has published over fifty technical papers in journals and conferences. Dr. Santhanam is a member of the ACM and a senior member of the IEEE.
Photo of Guillaume Senneville Guillaume Senneville joined IBM in 2008 through the Cognos acquisition. Working as part of the SWG Information Management Business Intelligence and Performance Management team, he is a development manager leading a team that’s actively using Scrum and other agile practices. Guillaume is currently co-leading the Cognos Agile Community, which is set up to complement other IBM agile communities for more local issues. He is an advocate of Scrum best practices and is interested in related topics like Lean Software Development. He has been a Certified ScrumMaster since 2007.
Photo of Maya Srihari Maya Srihari, a member of the QSE staff, leads QSE deployment initiatives in the India software lab. She is responsible for enabling teams in the lab to adopt QSE recommended practices for improvement and establishing local communities and events where engineers can share their best practices and learning. Maya has been conducting the two-day Disciplined Agile Development workshops in the India lab and is part of the lab’s Agile focus group, which has been set up to drive agile adoption. She has experience in leading quality initiatives in India and providing process consultancy to other IBM units in AP and Europe.
Photo of Ryan Shillington Ryan Shillington is the development manager of the WebSphere Business Services Fabric at IBM. He has worked on and led a few different agile teams, both distributed and completely local. When not pretending to run big blue, he moonlights as the co-owner of both Used Is Better and Austin Star Map.
Photo of Paul Sims Paul Sims joined IBM in 1984. Past projects include Series/1-based hardware for the Prodigy videotext service (a joint venture of IBM, Sears, and CBS Records), ISDN basic-rate adapters for 9370 and AS/400 systems, ISDN Q.921 microcode, Communications Utilities for OS/400, CD Showcase CDs to help sell AIX and OS/400 application development tools, IBM Distributed Debugger development manager, ADTC operations manager, WebSphere Commerce
system test, and continual test improvement lead. Paul is now a software engineer in the Software Group Scenario Analysis Lab and a Disciplined Agile Development Workshop facilitator.
Photo of Manmohan Singh Manmohan Singh works as a development manager of WebSphere Business Services Fabric and manages the team in Mumbai. He has close to 11 years of experience in the IT industry across different geographies. He is an agile enthusiast and has been contributing to Agile Conferences of Academy of Technology. He is a six sigma green belt certified professional and keen on learning and contributing toward software development process improvements.
Photo of Thomas Starz Thomas Starz is a software developer and agile coach with IBM SWG and works as part of Tivoli Service Automation Manager team. Thomas was among the early adopters of agile methods in his organization. He gathered his first agile experiences through practicing with student teams before he introduced agile practices in product development. He is a Certified ScrumMaster and Practitioner and an active member of the IBM Scrum Community. He regularly teaches an internal IBM Disciplined Agile Development class and works as a mentor and coach for several teams and individuals in various locations.
Photo of Steffan Surdek

Steffan Surdek (See author page)

Photo of John Sutcliffe John Sutcliffe is a software development manager and Certified ScrumMaster working with distributed teams at IBM, in the Information Management group working for the Cognos Software Group. John has been deeply involved with the Cognos team in its conversion to Agile practices and their integration into IBM. John recently served a term as a member of the QSE Scrum Community Leadership Team. John was recently made a QSE Fellow for his contributions to the QSE team. John has spoken on facilitation skills and their importance at several IBM internal conferences and virtual events.
Photo of Teresa Swingler

Teresa Shen Swingler is an advisory software engineer focusing on user interface design for storage management. She has worked in a distributed agile environment with IBM Director as part of STG.

Photo of Mark Wainwright Mark Wainwright is a software engineer and coach on the Agile/Lean Center of Competence team where he uses his experience of leading agile development teams to help and encourage other SWG teams adopt agile practices. Over a period of 20 years, he has worked in services, sales, and the software group as a programmer, project manager, pre-sales technical support, architect, and integration test architect. He has been promoting agile development since 2006.
Photo of Elizabeth Woodward Elizabeth Woodward (See author page)
Photo of Hanhong Xue Hanhong Xue is an IBM senior software engineer leading a software development team in communication protocols for high-performance computing in IBM Systems and Technology Group. He has been practicing agile with a globally distributed team and within a waterfall-oriented environment since 2006.
Photo of Ming Zhi Xie Ming Zhi Xie is a CDL Testing Center (Testing as a Service) technical leader, an Agile coach, and an agile practitioner. Ming Zhi frequently leads agile sessions and workshops at the IBM China Lab. He has published a series of papers on agile and agile testing via conference and IBM internal and external websites. He is also an Agile consultant serving IBM China internal and external customers in dealing with agile deployment and agile testing consulting services.